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A Closer And Tighter Indian Community In Mira Mesa.
Category posted in Family
Posted by: chennaiponnu
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  chennaiponnu wrote on 2020-06-23 19:24:51
I moved to Mira Mesa, San Diego around 4 years back. I moved here with my husband after we got married. Initially, the vibrant san Diego, sunny weather, attractive places kept me occupied for a while, as I had enough fun with the NRI checklist, I was getting into the monotony and was hit with the harsh reality of American life. work and school helps me with the fact of being far away from our family and community. However, I often miss my close-knit circle back home and the instantaneous connections I made with people Back home. Whenever I spoke to my fellow Indian community here, I find them in a similar situation too. It keeps me wondering at times that, given the strength of the Indian population in Mira mesa alone, why are so many of them detached and not able to have a close-knit circle here ?? Why aren't aspiring females not able to connect with other aspiring and dreaming females as they should actually be connecting too? why do we know only one or two neighbors, while the Mira mesa neighborhood itself is filled with so many of us ?? So I was thinking, why not Indians in Mira mesa alone stay connected via technology? we can form a group in telegram connecting most of us.
How is this different you ask? well, it can accommodate any number of participants, unlike WhatsApp. Why Mira mesa alone you ask? Because This is more feasible and can actually meet people in person than being unrealistic in trying to connect the entire San Diego people.
How would it help me you ask? Well, you have a strong connection. Often times when our parents visit, they feel bummed out, they sometimes need a travel partner, sometimes we need an answer, sometimes we just need someone to talk too and some times we need a strong sense of community to make this feel our home :)
Ps, I promise I am not part of any MLM scheme :P
If you are interested , reply to this thread with your email :)

  KanakRahul wrote on 2020-09-03 17:01:05
Hi, I am Kanak... I would love to join this group... I am telugu... lemme know how to connect. :-)

  ket11 wrote on 2020-09-07 02:59:31
Hi,I'm also new here,nn

  ket11 wrote on 2020-09-07 03:00:51
Hi,I'm also new here,love to join telegram or whats to connect ?

  KanakRahul wrote on 2020-09-07 03:04:48
Hi Ket11, I am Kanak, how are you? My husband Rahul and I moved to SD a couple of months back and looking to create a friend circle. We would love to connect with you guys. If you are also wanting to catch up please drop a note at

  ket11 wrote on 2020-09-07 03:36:03
Hi Kanak
How are you? I'm fine.we can connect via mail.please check your inbox.

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