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About San Diego Desi

Welcome to SanDiegoDesi.com (abbreviated:sddesi.com)- a common platform for communication and interaction between Indian-American Population living in San Diego, California.

When we say Indian-American we mean People of Indian Sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri lanka and Bangladesh) who are also known as Desi's AND to non-Indians who are interested in India and things of India.

Sddesi.com is unlike other portals on the internet (serving general Indian-American population residing in US) who list San Diego as "one of their cities" in their huge cities list and have "representatives" living in these cities who provide the portals with information. We do not have "cities" list. The ONLY city we serve is San Diego - the reason: We too live in San Diego and are a part of this great community. So there is no need for "representatives" and our information is up-to-the-minute.

Distrubuting information in unique yet relevant channels, Sddesi.com provides critical information at the click of a mouse.

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    Each section is designed to accomodate the needs of the Indian Community. Whether you are a teenager, parent of a teenager, grand-parent of a teenager or anywhere in between you will find something interesting on this site.

    We believe that a portal like this has to "evolve" over time i.e., be sensitive to the needs to the users. So we request you (the user) to write your comments/suggestions/praise/criticism and send it to us through this Online form.

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