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The Indian Community And Local Civic Groups
Category posted in Other/General
Posted by: fp92126
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  fp92126 wrote on 2017-04-04 18:22:40
I am a non-Indian observing the ethnic groups living in Mira Mesa. I have noticed that while there is a good population of Indians in Mira Mesa, there is little or no participation in the community's civic groups like Town Council or Planning Group. I'd like to get your perspective on this observation.

Is Mira Mesa seen as just short-term housing before Indians jump to more desirable communities?

What is the average length of the stay in Mira Mesa?

Are Indians a culture that gets involved in local politics or civic groups?

In general, do Indians see Mira Mesa as a decent community, or is there a sense it's just not the right fit?

How can local civic groups engage the Indian community?

Do you see enclaves like Little India being established in any other communities?

  srachakonda wrote on 2017-04-11 12:17:22

You are right, there is a fairly large population of Asian Indian in Mira Mesa, primarily due to Qualcomm. I will try and answer your questions based on my observations and being a Mira Mesa resident for a few months now.

Speaking from my experience of living in Mira Mesa for a couple of month now, I have noticed that a lot of Indians do start living at Mira Mesa as short term housing and most people eventually move out, primarily due better schools in Central Coastal SD. Having said that, there are families that buy homes in Mira Mesa.

The average length of stay in Mira Mesa would be 2-4 years, if renting.

My experience with Indians in San Diego is that they usually keep to themselves. The social groups are formed because of people studying in the same university, working at the place or being from the state in India (To give you a little background, every state in India is culturally different from the other, with people speaking different languages in almost every state). This may be a reason why people do not get too involved in local politics or civic groups.

Mira Mesa is considered as a decent community, with very accessible amenities, reasonable housing (as compared to UTC) and close to Indian Restaurants and Groceries.

Considering the population of Indians in Mira Mesa, there should be a definite involvement in the community. I can't really say how, but an involvement can be mutually beneficial. I would like to know more from you, about what your ideas are on involving the Indian Community in the civic groups, and how we could benefit Mira Mesa.

Hope I could answer at least some of your questions.

  fp92126 wrote on 2017-04-12 09:45:21
Thank you for your responses srachakonda! This is very helpful.

What criteria would be used to rate schools, if one is to say that schools in Central Coastal SD are better?

I also appreciate or understand why cultures tend to stay together - this is identical to the other Asian cultures in the community. But as generations grow, then there is a tendency to "branch out" and represent the culture in a broader sense.

To your point about what my ideas are for involving the Indian community in civic groups, I am making an observation. I think it falls on the leadership of civic groups and the Indian community to make connections. But I can see benefits on both sides such as communication and civic awareness.

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