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It, Software Development And Testing Training.(updated)
Category posted in Students
Posted by: psanigepalli
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  psanigepalli wrote on 2013-08-29 11:25:59
Posting for a friend

The following are the courses offered in the Sorrento valley location weekday evenings from 5:30PM to 8:00PM

IT Fundamentals (Fee: $300.00 per student)
9/9/2013 Monday IT Fundamentals – Day 1
9/10/2013 Tuesday IT Fundamentals – Day 2
9/11/2013 Wednesday IT Fundamentals – Day 3
9/12/2013 Thursday IT Fundamentals – Day 4
Programming Concepts (Fee: $400.00 per student)
9/16/2013 Monday Programming Fundamentals with Java – Day 1
9/17/2013 Tuesday Programming Fundamentals with Java – Day 2
9/18/2013 Wednesday Programming Fundamentals with Java – Day 3
9/19/2013 Thursday Programming Fundamentals with Java – Day 4
9/20/2013 Friday Programming Fundamentals with Java – Day 5
Database Concepts (Fee: $400.00 per student)
9/23/2013 Monday Databases Fundamentals – Day 1
9/24/2013 Tuesday Databases Fundamentals – Day 2
9/25/2013 Wednesday Databases Fundamentals – Day 3
9/26/2013 Thursday Databases Fundamentals – Day 4
9/27/2013 Friday Databases Fundamentals – Day 5
Software Testing Fundamentals (Fee: $300.00 per student)
9/30/2013 Monday Testing Basics -Day 1
10/2/2013 Wednesday Testing Basics -Day 2
10/4/2013 Friday Testing Basics -Day 3
Test Automation (Fee: $500.00 per student)
10/7/2013 Monday Basic QTP -Day 1
10/9/2013 Wednesday Basic QTP -Day 2
10/11/2013 Friday Basic QTP -Day 3
10/14/2013 Monday Advanced QTP -Day 1
10/16/2013 Wednesday Advanced QTP- Day 2
10/18/2013 Friday Quality Center -Day 1
10/21/2013 Monday Quality Center -Day 2
10/23/2013 Wednesday Resume and interview tips

SHUBH SOLUTIONS was founded with two groups of people in mind, the experienced IT professional and those individuals looking to start a rewarding career in an exciting field that is in demand. All of our training programs are done by industry experienced professionals in quality assurance. We will help you every step of the way by teaching you the skills that are essential to your success in IT. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your knowledge SHUBH SOLUTIONS is here to assist you.

Inquire about our programs specifically designed for those who are new to the IT field. We take a personal approach to our training and go the distance with resume and interview assistance services to help you meet your career goals.
Training Programs

IT Fundamentals

In this course you will learn the basics of computers and information technology. There are many aspects of IT that are essential in the day to day execution in the field of computer programming and testing. After finishing the course, the student will demonstrate the knowledge on personal computer components, and their functions, basic working knowledge of computer data storage and information retrieval. The student will be able to differentiate between local and network connected devices and printers. The course also covers the basics of Windows 7 operating systems including file organization and basic network setup and debugging.

Microsoft Office suite is an essential part of day to day functioning of the software industry. The course covers the basics of Microsoft office applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, equipping the participants with the essential skills required to be confident and productive from the first day of work. After completion of the course the participant will be able to prepare word documents, PowerPoint presentations, work with Excel sheets and be very familiar with Outlook.

Programming Fundamentals (JAVA)

Learning how to program is the first step towards a lucrative and challenging career in the field of computer software development and testing. This course is aimed at first time programmers, Fundamentals in Programming will help you leap onto that path covering the highly popular Java programming language. This course will cover fundamentals including programming structure, statements and teach you how to write simple programs, and includes topics such as: objects, methods, branching, repetition, data structures, and inheritance.

This course will enable you with enough knowledge and confidence to venture into the more advanced programming and testing concepts which are essential for today’s demanding software development and testing fields.
Databases Fundamentals

Every software application written use Databases in one or the other form and most of the testing tools available in the market also use databases for testing and testing automation purposes. Databases and Database management systems are essential skills required for a successful career in software development and testing.

This course will help you to familiarize with RDBMS concepts with Oracle and impart working knowledge of SQL. This course will help you learn the concepts of relational databases, database modeling, SQL programming language; creation and maintenance of database objects; storing; manipulation and retrieval of data by using advanced techniques such as GROUPING, SUB QUERY, set operators, and hierarchical retrieval; familiarize how to write PL/SQL stored functions, procedures. This course is geared towards folks that are new to RDBMS and also for folks that have prior knowledge of Databases and would like to refresh their skills.

QA Methodologies

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of Quality Assurance. Our instructors are experienced professionals in the Quality Assurance industry.

Fundamental Course

• Software Development Lifecycle and how it relates to Quality Assurance
• Different types Software Development Life Cycle models
• Stages of the Testing Lifecycle in depth
• Test Team Role and Responsibilities
• Learn about Requirements, Use Cases, Test Types, Test Cases
• Learn about Defect Lifecycle and how to report and manage defects.
• Learn about Testing Techniques
• Writing Test Plan and Test Management

Testing Tools

Quick Test Professional

Fundamental Course
Quick Test Professional is quickly becoming the preferred Automation Tool used by most companies. During this course you will learn the fundamental skills required to use Quick Test Professional to create automated test cases. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to take a manual test and convert it into a powerful automation script. We will show you how to take advantage of all powerful features including understanding the object model reference, working with test objects, adding checkpoints, working with tables and databases, planning, debugging, and much more. Download our class index to see all of the subjects we cover. If there is anything specific you need to be covered just let us know.

Advanced Course
Our advanced course will help you take your Quicktest knowledge to the next level. During this course you will learn how to create even more powerful automated scripts. Learn more about object recognition, advanced parameterization, working with databases, using functions into your test and using the Expert view. For more information about the topics we cover check out the advanced index.

Quality Center (Test Director)

Fundamental Course
Here is another great tool by Mercury Interactive that is used to manage all aspects of a Testing Project including requirements, test cases, test execution, and defects. Today knowing testing tools is essential to a Quality Assurance Professional's success in this competitive field. During this training you will learn everything you need to know to successfully work with each module of Quality Center. Afterwards take our advanced course to learn how to create, customize, and manage projects. Please click on the training index to review all of the topics we cover in this course.

Advanced Course
Quality Center Advanced Training will teach you the skills needed to create, administrator, and customize projects. Because every company organizes their Testing Project differently they need someone who can act as an administrator to perform these important functions. During this course you will learn how to create projects, add new users, set up the mail configuration rules, workflow, traceability notification rules, how to install Quality Center and much more.

Resume Assistance

Having a professional resume is your most important asset in obtaining a job. The market is competitive and you need to be able to stand out. We can help you create a resume that will get noticed by employers. We will look over your current resume and give you advice for free or we would be glad to help you make the changes necessary to get the response you are looking for. We take pride in helping someone every step of the way towards a career in Quality Assurance and this service is just another example of our commitment to your success.

Interview Preparation

Mastering the interview process can be difficult. An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and get hired. We can help prepare you for the types of questions you will be asked during the interview process, both technical and methodology type questions. Don’t miss out on the job you want because you are not fully prepared for the interview. Getting in the door to IT is easy if you have the skills and the knowledge. We will conduct practice interviews to see how your knowledge stacks up to others who are interviewing and give you advice and the materials you need to broaden your skills. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked question regarding all topics of QA from methodology to automation. Feel free to contact us to inquire about this service.

Other Training Programs

 QA (Testing)
 Java
 Oracle
 Oracle Applications
 .NET
 Web programming

Shubh Solutions, LLC.
Ph: 858-202-0090
Fax: 501-631-7711

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