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 Piano / Guitar Classes (kids 7+) And Adults
 Date Posted: 2019-02-19 16:33:30   /  Email:
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Hi everyone,

I am offering guitar and piano lessons for kids 7+ and for adults.

I currently have few slots available - if you are interested - for your kid or for yourself - please reach out to me - at 858-405-0967

I can provide references from local Indian families here in SD - who are are learning from me.

You can choose one or both instruments - class is for 30-mins - and the cost per lesson is $30 (for piano) - at least one-class per week - and lessons are pre-paid for month.

Basics of each instrument
Music Sight reading
Music theory - how notes/scales/chords are formed
Notes and how to find and play them
Scales (all) - understanding sharps, flats, majors and minors
Chords (minor & major) - and more advanced as we proceed
Arrangement of music - tempo, bar-music
Practice sessions
Ear training (advanced)
Composing music (advanced)
Recording music (advanced)

If you are interested - please send me an email to - I am available to teach evenings (m-f) - anytime after 3pm - 9pm.

Please note - for any instrument - learning is one thing - practicing is another thing - please ensure that you have at least 1-2 hours to spare in a week for practice - before signing up for lessons.

Each student - after 3-months of lessons will be assigned to a group of other students - collectively - they will perform on stage. This is optional - but highly recommended to improve skill and to overcome stage-fear.

Serious inquiries only.

If pre-paid for 3-months - will receive 10% discount.

Please call me at email me at

Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:
If I don't know anything about music - how soon can I play songs?
Usually with no-music knowledge - and with consistent classes & practice - you can start playing songs in as little as 3-months - or sooner - depending on how much time you spend on practice and your zeal to learn.

I am older than 20yrs - can I still learn music?
Absolutely! - most of my students are working (h1b) - and they have long desired to learn guitar or piano - but somehow - studies, job took most of their time - now that they are settling down - they take up guitar classes once-a-week in the evenings - and they play pretty well.

What if I pre-pay and realize I won't be able to attend?
if you are unable to make it a class and you give more than 24hrs notice - you will not be charged- else, its a $10-cancellation fee per class.

Got more questions? - email me.

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